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Enabling clean production through unique wet process equipment and advanced drying solutions

PCT Systems, Inc

PCT Systems Inc. is recognized as the high technology leader in Megasonic cleaning equipment
with innovative technologies that provide low cost of ownership, proven reliability
and unsurpassed cleaning performance.

Omni-Meg | Megasonic Cleaning | Leaders in Semi Conductor Cleaning Technology

HyperClean Megasonic Systems

Mini-Meg Megasonic Cleaning Systems

Quick Dump Rinser

Megasonic HyperClean™ Generators

Tiger Tank™ Process Tanks & Baths

ClassOne Technology | Electroplating Equipment

Manual and Automated Electroplating Tools with Application Lab for Process Support
New & Refurbished Spray Solvent Tools (SST’s) for Photoresist Strip or Metal Lift-Off Applications
New Manufactured Single or Double Stack Spin Rinse Dryers for 50 - 300mm Capability

Electroplating Tools | Spray Solvent Tools | Spin Rinse Dryers

Solstice S8 Electroplating Volume Production

Solstice S4 Electroplating Production System

Solstice LT Electroplating Developing System

MicroTech Systems | Wet Process Solutions

Manual, Semi-Automated, and Fully Automated Custom Wet Processing Equipment including Dry In - Dry Out
Surface Tension Gradient Dryer / Marangoni Motionless IPA / DI Water Dryer w/ Vacuum Pump Option
Fume Hoods to Enclosed Filtered Wet Stations ∙ Chemical Mixing/Distribution Systems ∙ Quartz Tube Cleaners

Orca Series

Semi-automated Acid Station

Vortex 2000 Fully Automated Intelligent Process System

Vertical Tube Wash

MicroTech 2, 3 or 4-Tank Servo Transfer Arm

Surface Tension Gradient Dryer (STG)

NXQ Neutronix-Quintel | Mask Aligner and Photolithography

Premier Supplier of Mask Aligners and Front-to-back Overlay Inspection Systems
R&D & Pilot Line Production to Automated Cassette to Cassette High Throughput Production Tools
Tools Support Multiple Wafer Sizes and Shapes from Pieces up to 300mm Square or Round Substrates

NXQ8000 Auto Load

NXQ8000 Manual Load

NXQ4000 Series Mask Aligner

Support Equipment / Dryers

Single Wafer Spinners, Hotplates, Quick Size Change SRD Rotors for any size wafer/substrate
Hot DI/N2 Dryers, CDA Air Knife Dryers, HEPA Filtered Recirculating Hot Air Dryers
Exhausted Stainless Steel or FM-4910 Polypropylene Enclosures for Chemical Delivery or Waste Recovery

Single Wafer Spinners


Quick Size Change SRD Rotors

Hot DI/N2 Dryers

Chemical Delivery or Waste Recovery Equipment

Softwall Cleanrooms / Carts / Pumps / Heaters

Specialty Cleanroom Equipment, Custom Designed Smart Carts, Tables, & Desiccators
Variable Flow Pumps, In-line Heaters, Filter Housings, Portable Vacuum Wands

Process Control Equipment

Ultrasonic / Megasonic Energy Meters, Plasma Diagnostic Systems, Wafer Plating


Standard and Custom Wafer Process / Shipping Cassettes, Chemical Filters for Liquid and Gas
Cleanroom Gloves / Latex & Nitrile, Disposable Apparel, Cleanroom Wipes, Adhesive Cleanroom Mats


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Tel: 1-408-398-9604

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